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Which Band Should I get?

For Butt and Thighs

- Fabric Booty Band
- Latex Mini-Loop Band

Band Exercises: Glute bridges, donkey kicks,
fire hydrant, leg raises, abductions,
squats, lunges, hip thrusters

For Arms and Shoulders

- Fabric Long Band
- Latex Flat Band

Band Exercises: Overhead tricep extensions,
bicep curls, seated back rows,
lateral and front raises, pull aparts

For Yoga Poses, Flexibility
and Rehabilitation

- Yoga Straps
- Latex Flat Band

Yoga Poses: King pigeon, full dancer, boat, reclined hand to big toe, seated forward bend

Band Exercises: Front raise, lateral raise, pull aparts, seated rows

Fabric or Latex

Intensity Level

Light Intensity (Beginner)

If you are new to bands and/or only engage in low intensity exercises once a week, we suggest you use the Light Intensity Level. Starting with Light Intensity allows you to perform the band exercises with the right form. And as your overall body strength improves, you can then graduate to Medium Intensity.

Medium Intensity (Intermediate)

If you have used bands before and/or engage in medium to high intensity exercises two to three times a week, we suggest you take up Medium Intensity Level. Those who are using free weights for strength training, can consider adding a Medium Intensity Band for an added challenge to the exercise. For example, a banded barbell deadlift and squat.

Heavy Intensity (Advanced)

If you are well-versed with bands and/or engage in high intensity sports three to four times a week, the Heavy Intensity Bands will be great to give you a more challenging workout. But if you are going to engage in exercises that require greater range of motion like a lunge, the Heavy Intensity Band might not be suitable.