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Why work with Bands?

Great strength training tool to build strong bones and muscle

Bands are just as effective as dumbbells and barbells for strength training. As we age, we lose muscle and bone mass that can result in arthritis or even osteoporosis. Strength training through bands helps sculpts your body and at the same time prevents stiffness of joints, improves muscle flexibility and reduces the risk of falls and injury.

For a perky Booty (aka glutes) and a strong core

Bands are a very effective tool to target your booty. Engaging in regular glute activation exercises will give you a tighter, more rounded, perky booty. At the same time, you will strengthen your core, as the constant tension from the bands adds an element of required stabilisation to maintain your full body form.

For a full-body workout anytime, anywhere

Bands allow you to get a full body workout or a very targetted upper body or lower body workout anytime, anywhere because they are so versatile and lightweight that you can bring it anywhere with you, and never miss a workout. To target your butt and thighs, use the Fabric Booty Bands or the Latex Mini-Loop Bands. To tackle those chicken-wing arms, use the Fabric Long Bands or the Latex Flat Bands.

Get the more out of each workout even for those deadlifts and barbell squats

The quality of each workout significantly levels up for each repetition when you use bands because your muscles are in constant tension. Adding bands to your workout provides your exercise routine with a twist and an added resistance. This means you need to work doubly hard to maintain your form and use more energy with each move.

They are friendly on your joints and your wallet

For those with weak joints, bands provide the strengthening workout without further loading and compressing our joints like traditional weights. The band workouts help fortify your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles against injury because you train your body to stabilise and strengthen over the entire range of motion. And unlike expensive and bulky gym equipment, they are much more affordable and takes up little to no space.

A perfect accessory for flexibility and rehabilitation

For those going through rehabilitation for certain parts of their body like a stiff shoulder or a weak knee, a Latex Flat Band can help improve flexibility and mobility in those areas as it provides a greater range of motion. Latex Flat Bands and Latex Mini-Loop Bands are perfect for seniors and the elderly, as they are more elastic for both light strength training and mobility workouts.