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Our Band Chief

Yvonne has always enjoyed working up a sweat in the gym to release those happy endorphins given her demanding corporate job.

Encouraged by her husband and daughters, she enrolled herself on a 70-hour personal trainer course, passed the 150-questions exam and earned her a Personal Trainer certification from the American Council of Exercise.

Due to the Covid situation on the gym restrictions, she started exploring various fitness equipment to continue her home workouts. This is when she chanced upon a variety of resistance bands that were not only great for flexibility exercises, but were amazing for strength training workouts.

When she spoke to her female friends, she realised that many of them do not engage in any form of strength training workout as they believe that strength training is an activity for men who wanted to bulk up using intimidating dumbbells and barbells in the gym.

What was concerning is that they were unaware of the importance of strength training in building healthy bones and strong muscles to reduce the chances of falls, injury and even osteoporosis.

With the desire to get more women to incorporate simple strength training exercises in their regular fitness routine, the Band of Sisters brand was born.