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WFH Fitness Care Packs

Terrazzo Long Fabric Band Woman Workout Tricep 2

Looking to give your staff some TLC with our Workout From (WFH) Home Fitness Care packs?

Given the current situation, more of your staff are expected to work from home. With prolonged hours of sitting in front of the laptop for zoom meetings and sedentary lifestyle, your staff may be suffering from gluteal amnesia (aka dormant/ dead butt syndrome), where they experience lower back pains, tightness in their glutes, quads and hip flexors.

Our Fabric Booty Bands and Latex Mini-Loop Bands are great tools to activate their sleeping booty. Our bands are also great for home workouts as they are lightweight, easy to use, easy to store and very versatile for all fitness levels.

To guide them in these band workouts, we have created easy-to-follow 12 -15mins band workouts on our website.

We would love to hear from you, if you are looking to gift your staff the gift of health and fitness with our Workout From Home fitness care packs when they WFH.  

Drop us an email at and we will try our best to reply within 48 normal business hours.