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Terrazzo Series

Where Style Meets Fitness

Wow, these bands look so classy & pretty. I love the terrazzo design a lot. But apart from the pretty design, the bands are really of good quality and the right thickness. I used the decathlon band before and it was such a discomfort on grip and on skin. Bought the bundle as I also want to work on my glutes. #bosfitcrew 💪🍑❤

Genie O (Corporate Warrior)

Chic design, lightweight, portable and easy to use. If you are looking to stay fit at home, a great way to get the most out of your workout is to use this resistance band. It can be used for a variety of full-body exercises, targeting different muscle groups.

Clariss L (Fitness Enthu)

Love the quality and design. Always ending my arms day with the long band. This band is great for a range of upper body resistance burn from triceps, shoulders, back and biceps. Strengthen your shoulders and arms—no matter where you are.

Abi (Mom of 2)

Loved the bands for their versatility, usefulness and most importantly the quality AND design! I will be incorporating them into my regular workouts now that I got it. Highly recommended.

Alexis C (Lifestyle Blogger)

Received the bands as a gift and loved it! The different intensities makes it easy for me to slowly work up to improve my strength. Plus the colours of the bands are really sweet!

Woan (Young mom)

What a brilliant ideal!!! Weight training without carrying tons around. It's so convenient, there's no excuse not to do weight training?!?! Thanks Sisterhood for the reminder, as we age, the more, we need to be tone to build muscle to protect fragile skeleton. I'm totally buy-in!!!

Granny SS


Terrazzo Series

Where Style Meets Fitness

Why work with Bands?

For a perky Booty (aka glutes) and a strong core

Bands are a very effective tool to target your booty. Engaging in regular glute activation exercises, will give you a tighter, more rounded, perky booty. At the same time, you will strengthen your core as the constant tension from the bands adds an element of required stabilisation to maintain your full body form

Helps build strong bones and muscle without using dumbbells

As we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density, which results in arthritis and even osteoporosis. Regular strength training through resistance bands helps increase bone density, strengthens and improves muscle flexibility, which helps reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Get a full body workout anytime, anywhere

With bands, you can get a full body workout or a very targetted upper body or lower body workout anytime, anywhere because they are so lightweight and versatile. To target your butt and thighs use Fabric Booty Bands or the Latex Mini-Loop Bands. To tackle those chicken wing arms, use the Fabric Long Bands or the Latex Flat Bands.

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