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Full Body Workout 4

4 Band Exercises

Before starting any band workouts, please do warm-up exercises. After the complete workout, please do some light stretches to cool-down.

To get the maximum results out of each band exercise, remember to: 

  • Engage your core muscles throughout
  • Ensure there is enough tension in the band when you are at the full range of the exercise
  • Make each repetition count by taking it nice and slow
  • Lastly, remember to breathe and enjoy the workout

What you need:

Each Band Workout contains 4 band exercises:

  • Perform 12 -15 reps for each band exercise
  • Rest 15 sec in between each exercise
  • Repeat each band exercise 2 to 3 times 

 Click on each workout video link to view the workout demonstrations


Long Band Exercise 1  - Front Raise


Long Band Exercise 2 - Wood Chop



Booty Band Exercise 3 - Curtsy Lunge 



Booty Band Exercise 4 - Donkey Kicks