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Power Core Sliders (Set of 2)

$16.90 SGD


Work out your core in a fun yet challenging way with a pair of core sliders when working out with your booty bands. They may look innocuous, but they pack a major punch. These tiny little discs can make even the simplest ab and core moves exponentially more challenging.

Core sliders increase the difficulty of many exercises, and force the use of our stabiliser muscles while pushing bigger muscles to work harder. The biggest benefit of using sliders is that they really engage your core.  

They are sturdy, lightweight, portable and easy to store, yet simple, convenient to use. 

Muscles Targeted

Effective way to strengthen your core - abdominals, obliques and lower back. A great addition to your fitness band as it supports a wide range of exercises and provides awesome variation to any workout routine. 


Smooth Fabric - High Quality Foam. For use on hard floors like ceramic and laminate. Flat side - Premium ABS Plastic. For use on carpets and rugs.